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The Medieval Studies Centre

According to Thomas Nipperdey, the modern world rests on the foundation of the supposedly distant Middle Ages. The Bonn Medieval Studies Centre bases its research on this insight and regards the study of the Middle Ages as a prerequisite for a deeper understanding of modern developments in history, culture, languages and literature.

The Medieval Studies Centre brings together a large number of disciplines which focus on research on the Middle Ages. It was founded in 1999 as the "Working Group for Medieval Studies" and has been recognized by the Rectorate as a centre of the University of Bonn since the winter semester 2005/2006.

What we do:

  • the members of the Centre work on a number of interdisciplinary projects on medieval history, medieval languages and literatures, medieval art and philosophy, legal history, theology, etc. The Centre aims to promote interdisciplinary dialogue within the University of Bonn and beyond (by organizing lecture series, conferences  colloquia, etc.).
  • doctoral and post-doctoral students meet for a colloquium sponsored to discuss ongoing work in the field of medieval studies;
  • the Centre offers an interdisciplinary Master's program in Medieval Studies.
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